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The success of conferences and round table discussions relies not just on motivating speakers and an intelligent mix of talks, but on ensuring the audience finds the event interesting, educational and entertaining.
Our professional moderators will chair panel discussions and audience questions, ensuring everyone has the chance to speak, and that their points are heard by the audience.

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An independent moderator is a vital asset to any meeting. They guide discussions, ensuring everyone's voice is heard, energise the room, guarantee the objectives are met, and the meeting keeps to time.   


Nicola Hill's experience as a TV medical chat show presenter means she knows how to encourage attendees to participate whilst keeping the discussion on topic. She regularly moderates media and medical advisory boards, live webinars,  patient group meetings and message development workshops. 



An experienced broadcaster and interviewer is a real benefit to live webcasts and fireside chats. It's important to know how to encourage participants to speak, to draw out key insights, and to deal with questions from a virtual and a physical audience.


Nicola's background as a TV and radio presenter means she understands the subject matter, can think on her feet and has the skill and experience to encourage debate and discussion whilst listening to producers in her ear.  



An effective chair energises the audience and panel, ensures a meeting runs to time, lets every speaker feel confident and comfortable, allows the audience the chance to ask questions and ensures the key objectives of the conference are met.  

With her decades of experience and expertise as a live television presenter Nicola Hill is a highly sought after chairperson for conferences, congresses and broadcast style events. She has hosted international health conferences for pharmaceutical and science companies such as Novartis and LGC,  and for organisations including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the British Heart Foundation and the Metropolitan Police.


NC Media also runs courses teaching effective chairing skills. 

What Clients Say

Clapping Audience

Edel McCaffrey

Group Head of Corporate Communications, LGC

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Nicola is a highly experienced health correspondent, media trainer and moderator who I have worked with over the past 20 years with a number of different companies and clients. She does an excellent job giving senior leaders media, storytelling and presentation skills training.
Most recently ,she moderated a global conference for over 85 senior leaders for my company and she did an excellent job keeping our presenters to time and on track.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Nicola and look forward to working with her again in the very near future.
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