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Hi, I'm Nicola Hill

Expert in helping companies and individuals communicate their stories and founder of NC Media

Your skill may be developing life-saving medical breakthroughs. My skill is helping you share your story with the wider world.


I'm a journalist, presenter, moderator and communications specialist in the health and science sectors. As the former health editor of Sky News and TRT World, and as a health feature writer for UK newspapers I help clients communicate their stories clearly and effectively both to external and internal audiences. 


Nicola has worked with our company, Eden & Partners for more than 15 years, as part of the team delivering leadership programmes to the health sector. She is a highly skilled and experienced journalist and a fantastic facilitator, which combine to make her sessions hugely appreciated, practical and highly rated.

She always leaves participants better informed, challenged and practised in their dealings with the media and feedback is always positive.

— Catherine Eden, Managing Director, Eden & Partners





At NC MEDIA we offer communications and media training for your talent to shine. Focusing on an individuals needs our approach is to combine training the 'what to do' with coaching the confidence to do it well.


NC Media offer a variety of bespoke training courses:




The success of conferences and round table discussions relies not just on motivating speakers and an intelligent mix of talks, but on ensuring the audience finds the event interesting, educational and entertaining.


Our professional moderators will chair panel discussions and audience questions, ensuring everyone has the chance to speak, and that their points are heard by the audience.



It is important that the person teaching you media and communication skills is someone who is still active in the media world.

Nicola Hill specialises in health, medical and science features.

With over 30 years experience in journalism she has an extensive industry knowledge of the media world working with the BBC, Sky News, TRT World, national newspapers, radio and online media.



NC Media provides bespoke training courses which teach how to communicate clearly, whether it is in person or virtually. These include media training, storytelling and presentation skills. 


We help develop key messages and offer strategic media advice to help plan campaigns. 


We offer excellent independent facilitation of meetings and advisory boards.


Nicola Hill's extensive live TV experience means she is in demand as a chair and moderator of international conferences, advisory boards, patient advocacy meetings, webinars  and fireside chats. 



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Person holding a presentation


Nicola does an excellent job providing media, storytelling and presentation skills training. She also moderated a global conference and did an excellent job keeping our presenters to time and on track. 


Trusted Advisor

Working with Nicola is such a breath of fresh air.
Flexible and easy to work with, providing very valuable counsel on the best way to approach the task we were delivering with her. 

Curious Health


Nicola’s tenacity is her greatest strength.
Her ability to distil complex information quickly while thinking of her next question is second to none.
She is always three steps ahead.

Johnson & Johnson


Nicola has the perfect combination of impressive journalist credentials with exceptional training skills.
Fantastic at thinking on her feet to get the best outcome - her judgement is always spot-on.

Virgo Health

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